Our History

Fresh Food Found at Fuel Stops

Eastside Deli Supply, the founding company of Premo, was founded in 1989 by Tom Jakovac and his nephew Jeff Jacobs. The idea: sell fresh deli sandwiches to gas stations and convenience stores.

Tom and Jeff started off working at Jakes Deli in Lansing, MI. Tom owned the deli, but also put in long days making fresh deli and bakery products. His typical day would start at 5:00am making chocolate chip cookies, one of the first products ever sold by Eastside Deli Supply, Inc. Jeff acquired the company’s first customers by selling and delivering these fresh products during the day and working nights at Jakes Deli.

In 1993, Tom closed Jake’s Deli and 100% of Tom and Jeff's time was devoted to Eastside Deli Supply, Inc. Their top priority was maintaining their reputation for fresh made products. This fueled company growth and attracted many Delightfully Deliciousconsumers and retailers to their brand. Over nearly 20 years Eastside Deli’s annual sales grew into the millions with the help of family members, friends and many employees who put forth a tremendous effort both early on and today to bring sandwich lovers the “best product on the planet”!

In 2011 Eastside Deli partnered with Lipari Foods distribution in Warren, MI as their primary distributor of Eastside Deli products throughout the Midwest. This partnership allowed Eastside Deli to deliver more delicious fresh sandwiches and products to even more retailers and consumers.

Most recently in July 2012 Eastside Deli merged its sandwich production facility with Lipari's manufacturing subsidiary, JLM Manufacturing, in Warren MI. Merging these two operations resulted in production efficiencies in order to better serve all our sandwich customers across Lipari's multi-state distribution footprint. Premo Brand continues with its commitment to providing a high quality product that can be purchased through a variety of retail and wholesale establishments.